About us

We Sell Our Furniture, founded in 2014, is a young label in the world of interior design.

We strive to offer well-designed, unique items in your own favorite style, using quality materials from wood to metal, at an affordable price. Over the years, We Sell Our Furniture built the experience to combine beauty and esthetics with user-friendliness. We feel at home in different areas such as home interior/exterior, offices, (coffee)bars, restaurants, shops, museums, practices, etc.

We specialize in stair cases, railings, countertops (home made terrazzo, choose your own colours!), wooden & steel doors (in combination with glass, or?), kitchens, bathrooms, livingroom furniture, bedroom & hallway designs, … And so much more! Just ask what comes up in your mind.

Our custom-made approach can make all your dreams come true. We won’t say no to crazy ideas! We adapt our designs untill it matches your taste and budget completely. Not only do we look to the situation of your family or business today, we also take into account how your family or business will evolve in the future to assure your pieces can grow with you.

Kobe Meeus (1989) is a product designer with a passion for interior and furniture design. He started We Sell Our Furniture by restoring and selling vintage furniture. Over the years he created his own style and way of working. Soon he dreamed about creating furniture himself and developped the brand to what it is now, and what it will be tomorrow.

Want to know more about our realisations, projects and the way we work ? Check our projects and feel free to contact us or request a quote. Looking for an internship in wood and metal work ? Take your chance !

Way Of Working

How we get things done

Send an e-mail to info@wesellourfurniture.com or contact us via the quote section on our website. Give as much information as possible about your project, this ensures we have a good idea of what you are looking for:

  • Styles, materials, or pictures of furniture & interiors you like
  • Rough dimensions & pictures of the space
  • The time-frame in which you would like the project to be finished
  • The budget you would like to stay within
  • Your location & phone number
  • The age of the building (to determine the VAT %)

Within 1 week we will send you a first reply (by phone or e-mail) to confirm we received your request, and maybe we have some additional questions to have a better view on your project. Sometimes our replies happen to end-up in the spam folder of your mailbox, so if you didn’t receive our reply within this time frame please check there.

As soon as we received all necessary information we will make you a first proposal without any obligation. This proposal will be a starting point to see if we are going in the good direction, style and budget wise. We always try to send the first proposal within 2 weeks, but as we want so give each design the attention and creativity it deserves it can go a little quicker, or it can take a little longer depending on the request.

Looking forward to hear your feedback, and as soon as we are heading in the good direction with the design, we ask for a little advance of 5% of the target price. This is not an extra cost as it will be reduced from your final invoice at the end. It’s just a confirmation for both of us that we can continue developing this project in one way or another. It also allows us to take the time that is needed to adapt and rework the design, as we keep on remaking and finetuning the design with the help of your feedback until it meets your style, wishes, and budget 100%! At this moment we will also make an appointment at your place to take the exact dimensions. During this appointment we can bring some samples and discuss the design further. Of course you are most welcome to visit our showroom and workshop at appointment, as we have more samples to show here! And maybe you will get inspiration by what you see!

As soon as the design is final and approved we ask for an advance (40% to 60% depending on the material cost) that allows us to purchase the materials necessary for the creation of your project. At this point your project will be added to our production planning.

In the next step everything is moved on to the workshop where we will turn your design and dreams into reality!

A few weeks before installation we will inform you about the exact date of installation. You can start counting down the days!

D-Day (s)! See your home or business transforming! Depending on the size of your project and the amount of installation days, we work with intermediate invoices during installation. After installation you will receive the invoice with the final amount due.

And now it’s time to enjoy your new interior!


Of course! But we only do visits on appointment.

We don’t sell any standard pieces, so we don’t have a shop that sells our furniture. We only work custom on demand. Feel free to visit the coffee bars and concept stores we designed.

There are some materials we often use, but there are no limitations. We like working with new materials, so anything is possible.

This might be possible, but it depends on the design and project. Please contact us for more information.

It all depends on the size of the project, meaning it can take between a few weeks and a few months. In case of urgency we search for solutions to make sure we can keep up with your time line.